About US

“If your dreams don’t scare the day light out of you – they are not big enough”

We are Australian-Indian couple with dream to travel, loving every thing associated with travel-adventure. Over last few years we have tried to fulfill part of this dream taking short breaks while working full time. Like so many folks we always yearned to simply go with out being worried about pile of work to come back to and hating the feeling “holidays are finished before they really started”.

Hence we have now embarked on full filling dream of lifetime that doesn’t include worrying about pile of e-mails, 8 am Monday morning meeting when back from vacation and to truly immerse in doing something we have been talking for years ……kinda Be Boss of own life 😉

In upcoming pages we have shared more than glimpses (what usually goes on FB) of our adventurous travels.

Why a blog ?  Its simply giving back to world what we have been lucky to get a number of times…We are active FB users but we got a number of questions from folks so how did you do this or that. How can I plan a trip like that, what we need and where can I go ..list goes on n on.. Recalling the times we have tried to plan something off the beaten road we found blogs from our fellow travelers tremendously helpful who unselfishly shared information that made a huge difference to our plan…Hence what could be a better way to relive our memories as we type and share our learnings which we hope can help in some way hopefully ..

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On way to Everest Base Camp

“There is only one life – yes but if lived well once is enough”

40 Responses to About US

  1. Arone Galante Neto says:

    Enjoy your exciting trip! Be happy!

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  2. Kau Peng Yap says:

    Hello my friend
    Waiting your later update bews

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  3. Dipak says:

    Where are the updates 🙂 How are you doing . Where are you now

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  4. Keshav Mathur says:

    Keep it up ! keep us posted with your adventure.. its thrilling we are enjoying it in the warmth of our bedrooms

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  5. hey Dipak…nice to hear from you. Having wonderful time, no stress beyond worrying about what’s for lunch/dinner and where to go sightseeing ..still in USA as waiting for our resignation plates from US govt before can enter Mexico.. but loving the south-mid west. Updates are coming in the last tab check it out..:)


  6. Paul Varghese says:

    Hey! How is it going? Crossed over into Mexico?


    • HI Not yet we are going to cross over to Mexico tomorrow
      delay in getting Mexico Insurance
      Thanks for inquiring
      Arun and Roland


    • Hi Paul,

      Crossed over, driving back to back for 3 days to get away from border states and all went well. There was plenty of military around especially in border towns. Now in Campache which is supposed to be start of safe territory and Mayan ruins so looking forward to it.



  7. rbkuert.wordpress.com says:

    Dear Arun,dear Roland
    It was a pleasure to meet you!! We had a good time.
    Good luck for the rest of your journey!
    Hope to see you again.
    René and Barbara from Switzerland


  8. rbkuert.wordpress.com says:

    Dear Arun,
    Dear Roland
    It was so nice meeting you, we had so much fun!
    Safe trip,take care,see you in Belize.
    Barbara & René


    • Hello! Barbara and René we had a very easy crossing from Mexico to Belize ( it is very easy) – they asked us a few questions like do you have fresh fruits – we answered yes 1 Apple and a Banana – and if we had meat products – all ok just let us pass without a inspection / As you also have a Camper request them to come and inspect the vehicle.
      We are staying at “LAMANAI Riverside Retreat” co ordinates are 18.07715,- 88.55701 it is in Orange walk town
      Basic but facing a river toilet good Shower ;-( / USD $ 15.00 but place is wet and soggy. we recommend it – all good Regards Roland

      Good friendly bar and owners we recommend.


  9. Arun says:

    Hello folks,

    Merry C’mas

    Found another good camp right at the border of belize-Guatamala called Clarissa falls. About 10k from border on the river and very pleasant. Coordinates 17.11097,-89.12710.. Hopefully wemeet in GM😀

    Take care

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  10. Ed says:

    how’s the ford running? Been looking at that exact same motorhome? Any issues so far? How about refilling the propane?
    More pics! more details!


  11. Donald Ross says:

    Hi Roland I have the same questions as Ed, can you copy and send to me please – also if you have needed repairs how is it to get parts?

    Thanks – following you with great interest.



    • Hi Donald
      in responce to your question
      Basic Parts for the ford E 350 like oil filter and air filter spark plugs are available freely in South America
      Although we did only find generic brands ( no MOTORCRAFT ) original parts but they worked well
      Expensive to find 5 w 20 recommended Synthetic engine oil but 10 w 30 available everywhere
      Shocks / battery / and tyres no problems cheeper than the USA but we did not need them
      hope this helps


  12. Amy Church says:

    Hi Roland,
    Your trip looks incredible and I have been thinking of planning one similar for next year, however I am concerned about safety (well, my family are mostly!) Have you had any problems? I have heard that having a motor home makes you more of a target, so would love to get your opinion on that and any advice you may have!
    Thanks so much,


    • HI! Amy
      Sorry for the late reply
      WE are not very brave or very lucky BUT we had NO TROUBLE or real safety concerns during our 7 month trip from the USA to Uruguay.
      It was just the opposite the locals were very helpful and friendly. We followed a few simple rules 1) we NEVER drove at night.
      2) we stayed at camps wherever available (80% camps and Hotels and 20% wild camping)
      3) we followed the web site ioverlander.com and read other travellers reports very helpful in making safe decisions (we have added our comments also)
      There are MANY traveler from all over the world doing the same trip most have no problems there are all types of motorhomes some on motorbikes and even on bycycles and people from all age groups even little kids with there parents most people stay safe and finish there trip.Me and my wife will do it again so if are careful you will be safe .
      Thanks for following our trip All the best Roland


      • Michelle Belk says:

        I am extremely intrigued, I found your blog by reading one of the traveling websites! I am an army brat, so when I was a child it was the “norm” for us, we traveled, although I’ve never been fortunate enough to go to Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Belize the list goes on, i was fortunate enough to go to Germany, Paris, Holland, etc… my husband is not military, he has his MBA, here in the southern U.S even with his degrees, you don’t make much money!! Maybe you could get him in touch with a corporate job, lol, my question is though, how do you afford such a trip? How do you plan it? I saw you crossed from Mexico into Belize correct? How expensive was it to cross there? I have not yet been to Mexico, I am dying to go!! Have wanted to go my entire life!! Was hoping to plan it within the next 6 months or so, BUT, reading everyone’s statements and all of the things you have to do JUST to go, I don’t know!! My mom says she has a friend that lives in TX and goes to Mexico probably once a week to just eat dinner and comes right back the same day, I can’t imagine someone going through all of this just for a night out? Any suggestions, ALSO, the safest areas? I hear you have to be pretty selective on where you go!! This will be /if we go a ladies vacation, so safety is imperative here. Thanks for any and all advice!! Sorry for the LONG reply/questions sir, I am just so intrigued and interested! Be safe in your travels!!


      • Hi Michelle
        Glad you liked our blog.I will try answer some of your questions
        !) Money – we saved over the last 10 or so years paid our house – rented it when we were traveling se we had some income while we were on the road . We were both pretty stressed in our jobs during the financial down turn so we thought it was time to hit the pause button so the discussion was made – we did a lot of research and decided to get on with it.
        Safety – we never felt UNSAFE during any time on the road including Mexico – although Arun my wife listening to all the news about Mexico did not cross the border on our first attempt we talked about it on the border and abourteed our first attempt. lucky for us the next day we did cross drove for 13 hours until we fely a bit safe away from the border towns .
        If you have a regular looking car you blend in and no one pays any attention to you the border towns are scary . The Yucatan Penusala is amazing and there are so many Americans in Mexico living it up .
        When you do make your first trip let us know we will cheer for you
        All the best – Arun and Roland


  13. Carlos Bernal says:

    Dear Arun and Roland,
    You are taking the adventure I have been dreaming of doing for many years. How difficult was Shipping the RV from Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia? What method did you used? (RORO, etc.) I would like to follow your route thru Mexico. In my case I will have the added complication of traveling with my two dogs, but looking forward to doing it.


    • Sorry for the late reply it is easy to ship across the gap depending on the size of your truck camper.
      container is much cheeper if you can share with another camper or bikes . the shippers helped our friends share a container with some bikes
      Our motorhome was too big for a container se we went RORO .The cost is calculated by cubic meter so different , we spent a bit more as we took insurance and used a broker to help clear customs in Cartagena .Also spent a few days enjoying Panama and lived it UP in Cartagena Colombia.
      Just the freight cost ua About UDS 2000.00 our shipping company was SC LINES .Agent for them is teakalmbach@hotmail.com .

      We have seen people do the trip with dogs as one person told us it is only time and money but it can be done .
      I hope this information helps


  14. Darren Walker says:

    Hi, We are on a trip to South America as well, currently up in Canada heading south in a truck camper. Any advise on a shipper over the gap and the cost?

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    • Hello! Darren Sorry for the late reply it is easy to ship across the gap depending on the size of your truck camper.
      container is much cheeper if you can share with another camper or bikes . the shippers helped our friends share a container with some bikes
      Our motorhome was too big for a container se we went RORO .The cost is calculated by cubic meter so different , we spent a bit more as we took insurance and used a broker to help clear customs in Cartagena .Also spent a few days enjoying Panama and lived it UP in Cartagena Colombia.
      Just the freight cost ua About UDS 2000.00 our shipping company was SC LINES .Agent for them is teakalmbach@hotmail.com . I hope this information helps .


  15. rm gin says:

    Hi. Your trip through the America’s sounds fascinating. What happened after Bolivia? I can’t find a post after April. Thanks.


  16. smithchuck says:

    Hi. I just found your blog. May I suggest you post a blog update? Right now it looks like you guys got murdered in Bolivia back in April! 🙂


  17. Hy arun and roland. We hope you are well. Wrote several whatsapp-never got answers. Did you change phonenumber? Would be great hear from you.
    Greetings from switzerland
    Barbara and Rene


  18. Hey Reńe and Barbara So good to hear from you. Yes Roland’s WhatsApp was playing up and its fixed now. No change to phone #. How are you both long time so want to see you guys when are we meeting again ? We are in Chile/Argentina in April18 for another month (homiee is still parked in Uruguay for another year). Why did you take you Zebra back really we could have wandered together more ha ha ha..let’s plan another excursion together seriously we need to we miss u heaps
    Love n Hugs Arun/Rolly


  19. Jim Donald says:

    Jim and Jean here. We are New Zealanders and have bought an apartment in Medellin. We intend living there once our yacht currently in Langkawi, Malaysia is sold. Such complicated lives we lead!! Once settled in Colombia we intend to do the road trip to Ushuaia as well. But probably wouldn’t be until 2019 at the earliest. In the meantime we are enjoying your news.
    Best regards,
    Jim and Jean


    • HI Jim and Jean, Yessss some one has to live the tough life :)..We loved Colombia and drive to Patagonia is just amazing. We were hibernating a little but soon will be back on road and now heading towards Alaska to complete our journey across Pan American Highway. All The Best
      Roland and Arun


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